Why You May Have Lowered Your Iron Stores Too Much

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I understand that you replenished your iron stores. Last time I checked my own levels, I fell in the lowest range of normal for ferritin (22 ng/mL) with a high iron binding capacity, and a moderately low level of iron saturation. Did you experience improved energy with iron supplementation? I think I may have developed anemia.

Dave Foster IN May 2016

I went into anemia due to my own stupidity. I was donating every few months while eating low iron (dairy and some meat), so obviously my iron went down and down until reaching deficiency, and I replenished it by supplementing iron bisglycinate. I wouldn’t have supplemented nor worried about iron if I were in the normal range or borderline.

Ray Peat Forum member jyb IN May 2016

I think I’m borderline anemic as well, and I’ve just been recommended liver with orange juice, so I’ll try that.

Dave Foster IN May 2016

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