Why You Have Funny Tastes in Your Mouth

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I’ve been wondering about the bad taste for a while now and I think it has something to do with my gut. Whenever I have gut discomfort, I also have the bad taste in my mouth. There’s been a handful of days when I didn’t have gut discomfort and those days I didn’t have bad taste either.
I woke up with a normal feeling gut and no bad taste in mouth, I then took the doxy pill with water like I normally do and within 30 minutes, my gut felt horrible and I had the bad taste in my mouth. I’m not sure whether it was the water or the antibiotic that caused the discomfort, but the bad taste is definitely linked to it.
I don’t think this is acid reflux, because the taste would be a lot worse.
Does this make any sense to you?


A Herxheimer reaction involves a massive die-off of bacteria, such as candida, and often produces foul odors and tastes. Antibiotics also have an inherent toxicity, and some feel miserable while taking them. Afterwards, however, they may experience a feeling of well-being. Complications can arise, though.
Coconut oil, vinegar, carrot fiber or bamboo shoots all have mild antibiotic effects, and they have additive effects. Carrot fiber does feed gut bacteria, but it speeds up your bowel transit time, which can yield a net positive effect. The addition of vinegar, lemon juice, coconut oil and salt will potentiate the carrot’s antibiotic effects. Activated charcoal lowers inflammation in the gut but impairs nutrient absorption.
Since a hypothyroid person may suffer from constipation and greater gut inflammation, the carrot fiber may have disproportionately positive effects compared to someone with a healthy thyroid, as it counters such effects.
Some experience chills when they eat too much raw carrot. The absence of calories and presence of vitamin A as beta-carotene each independently fails to raise the body temperature. Lastly, the carrot tends to lower circulating endotoxin. Endotoxin causes inflammation, and in response, the body synthesizes cortisol, which artificially elevates the core body temperature but damages the tissues.
Since thyroid hormone stimulates the intestine, hypothyroidism sometimes results in constipation. As your thyroid hormone levels increase, bowel frequency may increase. The body temperature also trends upwards as well. Some experience a slowed rate of breathing and feelings of relaxation.
Emphasizing coconut oil as your primary source of fat can strengthen the gut against insults and may improve thyroid function, which itself increase the rate of digestion.


Alright, I hope this two week course is enough, I probably won’t be able to get more.


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