Ray Peat on Dreams

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Ray Peat’s description of defective metabolism and how it interferes with dreams, distorts language, and results in excessive verbalization.  This stood out to me in regards to modernity and its obsession with constant progression, change, idea manipulation, and furtherance of abstract constructs, such as racial equality and gender differentation.

“…During exhausting fevers and after drinking too much, I have experienced a defective kind of dream, a kind of analytical, verbal delirium, in which one word only leads to another word. In place of fluid and integrated imagery, there was just a kind of fizzly yellow, or swarming orange, activity. Mental satisfaction becomes impossible in that state. (Green and blue usually seem to be suppressed in that kind of state.) Since I believe mental imagery is the real, working structure of language, I think a related kind of damage to the dream system, or dream metabolism, would account for the peculiar nature of “schizophrenic” verbalization.

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