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Welcome to Foster Your Health Radio, also known as the Foster Your Health podcast! This page will host links to any new episodes. I’d love to hear your input, so feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me fosteryourhealth@yahoo.com

Episodes incorporate suggested relevant content, so do suggest new ideas on things that you’d like to know more about!

FYH Radio: Episode 1 – Hyperthyroidism and Mood

The first episode of the Foster Your Health podcast elucidates upon the connection between mood and thyroid function, the common pitfall of hyperthyroidism in correcting thyroid function, and the ideal temperature and pulse to maintain an ideal state of confidence, relaxation, stimulation, and libido.

Note that the symptoms of hyperthyroidism outlined in the first episode actually refers to a state of heightened adrenaline, which may remain totally absent or decrease over time, resulting in “true hyperthyroidism,” which entails symptoms of a pounding heartbeat, deep breathing and overheating.

FYH Radio: Episode 2 – Coffee You’re Doing It Wrong!

The second episode focuses mainly on the common pitfalls when drinking coffee, and it covers the basics of appropriate coffee consumption.

Some tolerate coffee, and other cannot.  Those who add sugar and cream (or whole milk with sugar) to their coffee find their tolerance dramatically improves.  Similar to thyroid hormone (T3), coffee has profound effects on metabolism and protects the nervous system from stress.

I’ve experimented with coffee for over ten years, so I’ve compiled some tips for consumption.  Questions that this episode will focus on include the “how” and the “when” regarding coffee consumption:

  1. What time of day should I drink my coffee?  Won’t it interfere with my sleep?
  2. How should I drink my coffee? Black or how about with sugar, milk or cream?

The second episode focuses mainly on the common pitfalls when drinking coffee, and it covers the basics of appropriate coffee consumption, but moreso it’s a lead-in to my next episode, appropriately titled “Coffee, You’re Still Doing It Wrong!” where I go into greater detail about the different modalities used as adjuncts alongside coffee to improve its effectiveness and minimize its downsides.

FYH Radio: Episode 3 – Thyroid Therapy 101

Here, we discuss Dr. Broda Barnes’ and Dr. Raymond Peat’s approaches to thyroid therapy.

FYH Radio: Episode 4 – Melatonin Malaise

Here’s the second installment of Foster Your Health Radio titled Melatonin Malaise. This episode covers the benefits of melatonin in regulating the circadian rhythm, and it covers common problems with supplementing melatonin, as well as the optimal dosage for a maximization of benefit with a minimization of side effects.

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