Vitamin E Intolerance and Depression

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Can you give me some advice on my approach? Temps are high 97’s but can’t get to 98’s. Circulation feels good to hands and feet so I feel like I’m almost there. Mood is more stable with cypro
26 yo 180 lbs 6 ft
Here’s what I do:
No fapping to keep prolactin down-do you do nofap?
Eating lots of calories, mainly from milk, ice cream, juice, beef, etc.
Vitamin d 2,000
Vitamin a 10,000 (5:1 ratio with D)
Vitamin k2 2 mg
Oysters for zinc otherwise I’ll supp lement 30 mg once or twice a week
Pregnenolone 50-100 mg daily
Sometimes 5 mg DHEA
Synthetic t4 50 mcg
Synthetic t3 10 mcg
Cyproheptadine spread throughout day about 8 mg although I think it’s causing irritability
Stopped vitamin e because of irritation.
I feel like this plan attacks estrogen serotonin and prolactin but temps are still not ideal…no desire to socialize or leave my house….glycogen storage isn’t great need to eat frequently”

November 2016

I have tried sexual abstinence before.
Try transdermal vitamin E or taking with meals.
Try some source of copper. Whether 2 mg via supplementation or via liver/clams.
Cyproheptadine can cause dehydration.
Try lowering fat calories from PUFA and MFA; raise it from SFA. Raise your carbs.
Keep your protein around 150 grams or so.
Serotonin has been shown to depress mood (and dopamine has been shown to do the opposite, as they have an inverse relationship.) DHT, promoted by dopamine can improve the mood as well. L-lysine can lower serotonin (5-10 grams), as can glycine (around 20 – 30 grams per day).
Keep me updated and let me know if you have any other problems.


“Thank you. I think I overdid cyproheptadine and it screwed up my liver. The first night I took it I woke up with morning wood. It was incredible. I got that same response several days after, and continued to experience benefits. But then I pushed too hard and kept taking more and more. I eventually realized today that it gives me upset stomach, irritability/anger and awful body odor from under the arms. My appetite is completely gone as my body tries to get the medication out of my system. What I thought were symptoms of not enough cypro were actually the opposite. Lesson learned. Hopefully I’ll bounce back soon. The body is truly amazing when you treat it well.
Caffeine and pregnenolone will help your liver. Vitamin K as well.”


It’s dangerous to try to correct a problem without supporting the entire organism.


“okay, i’m making a log. you are 100% right on that.
Hey so I woke up and took 70 mg pregnenolone after a large meal with adequate sugar. I immediately felt fatigued and sort of sad. Hands and feet are very cold. Im so pissed. And I want to go back to sleep. I guess that means I should take at night from now on. I don’t get this stuff.
Edit: I think this was corrective. Mood is good appetite is good and libido is strong. Adding one gram taurine in between meals and possibly clonidine at night.”


You could have lowered cortisol with a low underlying metabolism. Clonidine can lower cortisol and cause uncomfortable relaxation as well.


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