Why You Should Think Twice About Supplementing Minerals

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Gahn Johan Gottlieb
Cardon, Johan Elias (1802 – 1878), Gahn Johan Gottlieb, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

You said that a safe level of copper supplementation is around 2 mg, and I’m curious to know if there’s anything regarding manganese toxicity.
High levels can cause Parkinson’s-like symptoms, and I know that manganese competes with iron for absorption, so there could be some advantages of disadvantages to this depending on the iron content of the diet.
Do you know a safe amount to supplement?

Dave Foster, April 20, 2016

I would no go beyond 10mg daily. I think Dr. Ray Peat said that he is more comfortable with 5mg and not for extended periods of time, just like zinc.

Georgi Dinkov, April 21, 2016

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