Antibiotics on an Empty Stomach

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Have you seen any mention here on how antibiotics should be taken? For example, eat on an empty stomach, don’t eat this, don’t do that, something along those lines.
I tried searching the forum and listened to a few podcasts where antibiotics were mentioned, but didn’t find any “peatish guidelines”. I guess following the instructions on the bottle is enough?

Ray Peat Forum Member RRR, April 6, 2016

It depends on the anti-biotic. Dairy interferes with the absorption of the tetracycline derivatives, for instance.

Dave Foster, APRIL 6, 2016

How long do you think is enough time until it’s okay to eat something? Would something like 40-60 minutes be enough? That’s how long it usually takes in the morning until I eat something, so if I took the pill when I wake up and do my normal morning things and eat, would that be fine?
The pharmacist said to avoid dairy for 3-4 hours and the informative label says 1-2 hours. I’ll probably keep it safe and won’t eat dairy for 3-4 hours.


Follow the directions of your pharmacist.

Dave Foster, APRIL 7, 2016

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